What started out as a play with lines in the sketchbook, ended up as the studios first collaboration with Lammhults.

The two-dimensional lines in the sketchbook, which intuitively just felt so obvious, have been translated into a cohesive loop of steel tubing. The simplicity of Corso’s design is also reflected through its resource-efficient construction. The frame gives the easy chair a soft, resilient effect both through its shape and construction, whilst the design also utilizes a minimal amount of upholstery, without compromising on comfort. Natural and durable materials are used to prolong the product lifecycle and is easily taken apart for replacement or recycling.
Corso was nominated for the "Born classic" award during Stockholm design week 2021. "Born Classic" is a collaboration between Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair and the Bukowskis auction house.

Produced by Lammhults
Photo credits: Erik Lefvander
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