The history of chairs contains a range of typologies that seem to return in the designer’s sketch books at regular intervals. The Botero chair, from 2018, is such a typology, designed in collaboration with Matti Klenell Studio and developed together with Källemo. With the Stockholm Nationalmuseum as the context, we wanted to design a chair deliberately eclectic. A pick and mix of eras represented in the museum. The Botero family tree extends all the way back to the Roman empire, antique Greece and Egypt, via Wegner and Asplund.

The chair has a rational structure with intricate upholstery stitching which accentuates the character of the design. Maybe that detail also gives the piece a contemporary expression. Botero was designed for the café area in Sweden’s Nationalmuseum as a part of the NM& collection. Since then it’s also part of the Källemo collection as well as the permanent collection of Nationalmuseum.

Produced by Källemo Collection
Photo credits: Pia Ulin (NM) & Pelle Wahlgren